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Subject: Suzie Series: Eating SuzieI lustily caress the milky hot young blonds smooth globes of Suzie's ass, marveling at her
perfect skin and the pear shape of her backside. As I kiss and run my
tongue over her twin orbs, I twitch with excitement as she swirls her
tongue around the head of my cock and repeatedly flicks her tongue along
the staff just under the helmet of my cock head. My cock is rock hard and
oozing pre-cum into Suzie's hot mouth, which she acknowledges with extrem young pics a
contented moan. I spread her ass cheeks and trail my tongue into the
cleavage, licking in broad strokes from the top of her cheeks down over her
asshole, which spasms with delight as my tongue passes over, on into her
wet cunt. The smell of Suzie's crotch intoxicates me as I lap her cunt like
some rutting animal, swirling my tongue around her clit and diving deep
into her hole, I lap up as much of her juice as I can. She responds to my
rutting by pressing her thighs tight against the sides of my head as she
humps her way to her first orgasm.My face is wet with her cunt juice and smell of her cunt inflames with
desire. I want to eat her alive, licking and savoring bizare young porn her young sex incest every fold and
hole. She pulls my cock from her mouth as she gasps for breath, sexily
breathing on my balls, she coos her delight and tells me she just loves it
when I eat her cunt with such wild abandon. Suzie, now in a state of sexual
euphoria, begins to tongue my hairless nutsack. I shave my nutsack on a
regular basis for the enjoyment of Suzie and myself. I like the increased
pleasure I receive and Suzie loves the silky feel porno baby young of my nutsack on her
tongue. She sucks a ball young beautiful legs into her hot mouth and rolls it around with petite young asian
tongue and gently begins to suck on it. I groan with passion as I writhe
under her suction as she slips the first ball out her mouth and draws the
other one in, repeating the naturist young girls tantalizing suction. The suction is agonizingly
erotic, with each movement of her tongue she increases the pressure on my
balls. I'm on the verge of cumming and Suzie knows it as she gathers up the
pre-cum drooling from my cockhead and uses it to lube and stroke my
cock. With each stroke, erotic energy courses up my spine and I become
consumed in lust. My balls are aching for release as Suzie continues to
suck and lap at my nutsack, alternating between my balls and finally
drawing both into her mouth and continuing the sweet torture.Her cunt is dripping as I finger fuck her with one then two then three
fingers. Suzie groans with her mouthful of testicles and grunts her
approval as I continue to finger fuck her cunt. Moving my other hand slick
with her cunt juice, I run my finger around the puckered bud of her
anus. She responds with a spasm and I follow the finger with my
tongue. Releasing my nutsack from her mouth and Suzie huskily demands that
I lick her asshole. She begins to squirm and spreads her legs until she is
nearly spread-eagle on my face. I lick her puckered ass lips and inhale the
rich aroma of her hole. Dizzy with lust I begin to burrow my tongue into
her asshole while I continue to finger fuck her.Suzie cries out "Eat me! Eat my ass. Oh God, that feels hot! Eat my hot
hole!"Suzie returns to my cockhead dips her tongue into the piss slit and
greedily laps the thicken pre-cum/cum. She hisses " I can almost taste your
sweet cum. I want you to cum in my mouth"Wild with lust, I bbw pics young repeatedly run my tongue into her asshole, licking the
sides of her nether love channel and corkscrewing my tongue as I continue
to tongue fuck her asshole. With both holes filled, Suzie turns into a
wanton sex machine as she sucks on her index finger and using her spit as
lube she begins to finger my asshole. First running circles around the
puckered ring and then probing with her wet finger. She returns my cock to
her mouth and draws my cock as deep into young tgp gallery her throat as she can. Furiously
sucking my cock, she pistons her mouth up & down on my cock. As I increase
my finger fucking she responds in kind and this drives me into a frenzy as
I continue to feverously lick her asshole.Suzie, now nearly insane with passion and building to a climax, grunts and
screams "Eat my hole. You love the taste of my hole. You can't get enough
of my hot ass. Eat it. Oh yeah!"With that I could feel Suzie's thighs begin to shake as she begins another
orgasm. With her finger working my asshole, she returns her mouth to my
cock. Running her tongue around my cockhead I can feel my orgasm begin to
erupt as I pant " Work my cock, eat my meat! Here it young sex incest
comes, I'm going fill
your mouth with my cum."And with that I nearly pass out as I empty my balls into Suzie's mouth. She
greedily accepts jet after jet of my sweet seed. As the sensations become
overwhelming Suzie knows that the pleasure she has induced has overloaded
my cockhead and eases the movement of her tongue while gently holding my
cock in her mouth. I can feel my hot load in her mouth as she pulls my cock
out of her mouth. With a wicked grin on her face she pivots around to greet
me with a kiss. As she opens her mouth she pushes a tongue full of cum into
my mouth and we both groan in agreement as we savor the delicious taste of
my cum. She breaks our kiss and proceeds to lick her cunt juice from my
face.In a voice thick with the afterglow of our lovemaking, Suzie says. "That
was hot. I love the way you devoured my ass, and the hot load you pumped
into my mouth. God, it has huge. I swallowed half of it before you stopped
cumming".Completely drained at this point I could only add "you drained ever drop I
had in my balls and then some""I'm so glad I ran into you at the market this morning" Suzie continued
"It's weird, because I was just thinking of you the other day and then you
just appear after all these years"Suzie and I had dated back in college. We dated after Suzie & Harry
split-up. For six months Suzie & I had an intense affair punctuated by
nights of steamy & varied sex. Suzie was game for petite young asian nearly anything and I was
only too eager to prod her on. But in the end she decided to go back to
Harry and they eventually married and settled down. Over the years, as our
lives took different paths I lost touch with Suzie, but would now and then
still have jerk-off fantasies about the hot sex we had together.Suzie was beautiful in college, a real eye-popper with a set of full
breasts made for suckling, an hourglass figure, topped with an angelic face
and the sweetest personality you could image. I had fallen hard for her and
was crushed when she left me to return to Harry. But that was many years
ago and I long since gotten over the whole affair.After nearly twenty years, Suzie look nearly as enticing as when I first
meet her. The years had been kind to her and from the looks of her body I
would say that she took care to stay fit."Would you be interested in a threesome with cute young child me and Harry?" Suzie asked. "I
think you might really enjoy it""What makes you so sure about that? I replied."Oh, I guess the fact that you're so into my ass tells me that you may be
the adventurous type. If I remember back to our time in college, you were
the first guy to eat my ass and that was one of the things about you that
really turned me on. I think you might just swing both ways.""So you think because I'm into your ass, that I must be bi?" I responded."Well yeah", Suzie continued, "I mean, I've never had a straight gay eat my
ass and you do it so well, like you had a lot of practice at it."She had me there so I admitted to Suzie that I was attracted to men and
women and had my share of both in the intervening years. I remembered Harry
as a tall man, maybe 6'-5" or better with an athletic build and very large
hands. We all have heard the myth about large hands and feet so the
prospect of a threesome with Suzie and Harry began to sound intriguing. I
told her that I would be interested in the threesome and she said she would
broach the subject with Harry. We agreed to meet for coffee the following
week to discuss tokyo young nude our threesome in further detail.To be continued
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